In grass

In lawns, fields and grass verges

Grass provides an ideal neutral background for experimenting with bulbs. The variations are endless:

  • Strips of a single variety in a wide range of colours, closely planted as a cheerful ribbon for springtime.
  • Strips of one or more varieties in the same colour, planted at a sufficient space to display individual flowers to their best advantage: like a coloured wash had been laid over the lawn.
  • Fanciful shapes cut into the lawn, filled with a mix of different types to flower successively: weeks of ever-changing colour.
  • Bands or lozenges. Single-colour bands of varying length with intervening spaces will result in a contemporary and graphic appearance. Lozenge shapes with a contrasting interior colour are always effective in a more classical setting.
  • Circles of varying diameter, appearing like "dots" against a green background.
  • The simplest planting scheme possible, particularly suitable for the rougher grass verges and embankments: one-off plantings of early-flowering spring varieties like Crocus tommasinianus or snowdrops, which are then left to fend for themselves: years of colour are guaranteed.
  • A mixture of different types of bulbs suitable for planting as perennials and with overlapping flowering periods, to give a multi-coloured bouquet in a rough grass verge. The bulbs may be machine-planted. As the season progresses the grass and the herbaceous plants present will also become part of the planting scheme, lending a gentle and informal feel.