Borders planted with perennials or low-growing shrubs offer all kinds of possibilities for the use of bulbs as supplementary planting.

  • A one-off, one year addition. This may celebrate an event like an anniversary, a spring wedding or a royal visit. Such occasions are even more festive if the theme can be represented in flowers. Plant tulips in varying shades of orange for a royal occasion, or a border in bridal shades if it's a wedding. The bulbs should preferably be planted dry in autumn, but even at the last minute a lot can be achieved with pot-grown bulbs - sometimes referred to as an instant border.
  • Borders including perennial flowering bulbs and herbaceous plants. The trick here is to strike a balance between the shapes and colours of the bulbs and plants. Then again, instead of balance you may want to go for contrast. Flowering can be spread over an extended period of time, or else you build up to an exciting colour finale.
  • Naturalising bulbs are particularly suitable for less formal borders with unpretentious permanent planting featuring ground-covering Geranium, Brunnera, Omphalodes and Hypericum. Early flowering crocuses, Scilla, Chionodoxa and small-flowered narcissi are suitable for interplanting here.