Flower bulbs: planning

Just like any other plan for green spaces, including flower bulbs in your planting schemes is simply a matter of planning. This website is there to help you with your planning.

Selection of planting sites

The process of selecting planting sites in public green spaces involves a variety of factors. There is the traffic situation to consider, as well as public access and expectations of residents and visitors, and then of course there is the budget.

When selecting new planting sites or reorganising the planting it is important to include flowering bulbs on the checklist at an early stage. There are endless applications for flowering bulbs, and it\'s up to the planners and landscapers to determine which will be most suitable for the site. In addition to aesthetic aspects, a number of technical factors will come into play as well.

Each plant or bulb has its ideal location and conditions. For flower bulbs, the site conditions following flowering and on into summer are just as important as during the flowering period. This is all to do with the formation of new bulbs below ground immediately after flowering. So it\'s essential that flowering bulbs retain their leaves and get enough sunlight to build up energy for the subterranean development of the new growth. Flower bulbs should therefore never be planted under evergreen trees or shrubs or under deciduous trees that come into leaf early. Sunny and semi-shaded sites are ideal for most flowering bulbs, with a limited range feeling at home in locations with year-round shade.

During the summer, bulbs should be left undisturbed. They are quietly preparing themselves for the next season among the roots of other fixed plants. Cold, wet soil conditions during summer, which may be the result of irrigation of annual planting, will not be conducive to heavy flowering next spring.

Local authorities will need to look carefully at their mowing schedules. Will the foliage of the bulbs have sufficient time to die back before the mowers arrive?

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